The Pannonian Association was founded in Osijek in 2004 and counts 30+ members. Its main goals are promotion, organisation and implementation of activities in the field of urban sport and urban subculture, i.e. sports competitions and cultural events.

The association is a non-profit organisation, and as an important part of the civil sector it often cooperates with other local and regional organisations to popularise and enhance the extreme sport in this area.

Youth work is, in addition to sports, one of the more important segments of the Association’s work. The organisation invests in volunteerism in Osijek and wider as it welcomes aboard  volunteers in the organisation of Pannonian Challenge – an international urban sport and culture festival with 24 years tradition. We mostly engage young people from 16 to 30 years, whether they are athletes, artists or volunteers. 

The development and strengthening of the civil society, the promotion of extreme sports, and the promotion of new Olympic sports are the main guidelines of the Association for the next five years.