Partner organizations responsibilities:

Volunteer Center of Kielce, PL will be responsible for the internal communication within the partnership consortium. Polish leading team, in cooperation with the rest of the partners will be also responsible for the design of the detailed action plan and work program, to be implemented within the whole project duration and respected by each partner. Representatives of the applicant team, and mainly Mr. Michal Braun will be responsible for quality control and supervision of all output’s elaboration. Of course, Polish team members will fully participate in the output elaboration according to the detailed task division within the different workflows. They will be as well in charge of the financial project management, including reporting and will execute the task together with the support of all partner team members. Regional Volunteer Center will be in charge of the elaboration of Training guide/ TOOKUT for supporting the work of volunteer managers in sports. Also, Polish Team is responsible for the organization of final closing dissemination project conference. In these regards, Mr. Braun dispose of various contacts with Polish public bodies and institutions and he will do his best to reach their attention towards the project and promote its values further on.

Pannonian, Cro will be responsible for the lead of the 2nd project workflow with its Polish colleagues. The Croatian team in charge of organizing the work and lead the elaboration of the training module on volunteer management due to its expensive experience in this field. It will equally participate in the elaboration of the rest of the outputs too. In addition, due to strong contacts with international institutions and public bodies operating in the sport, education and youth field, Pannonian team will have the charge to establish further relations with them in view of follow up cooperation and larger dissemination process.

Association Mundus Bulgaria and particularly Ms. Dentea Andonova will lead the 1st project workstream dedicated to the research actions. Mundus Bulgaria will employ all its efforts to deliver quality work in this sense due to its extensive experience in leading researches in such project frameworks and not only. Also, Bulgarian team as all the rest of the partners within the consortium will participate in the elaboration of the rest of the output production and dissemination activities as planned, in accordance with the work plan.

Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin, ES will be working in the research project workflow together with its Bulgarian colleagues. Also, the Spanish team will be responsible to handle the relationships with volunteers and associated partners in a way to promote the project values and foster further cooperations for volunteering within the youth and sports sector. As the partner entity dispose with numerous contacts for implementing volunteering actions in sports, therefore all resources will be mobilized in spreading the values of the project further on. BB&R will as well equally participate in the output’s elaboration, local and dissemination activities as the rest of the partnership consortium.

SPIN SPORT Innovation the monitoring and evaluation process project activities and will design a detailed Monitoring Plan, to be presented to partners at the kick off meeting. The German partner will be in charge of producing standardized evaluation forms templates and documentation related to in a way to lead the flow. Also, the German team will participate in the elaboration of the rest of the output production and dissemination activities as planned, in accordance with the work plan.

Association Sport for all Vojvodina, RS together with the German Partner – SPIN SPORT INNOVATION will be leading the 3rd project workstream dedicated to the Platform elaboration and launch. Both teams will operate coordination between the rest of the partner entities in terms of the output production. Since the organizations cooperate regularly with several local sport structures, due to numerous projects and activities in this framework, as well Universities, both teams will closely follow the cooperation with those stakeholders involving them further in the partnership.

WUS, AT team will be responsible to develop the dissemination plan, as well as to lead and supervise the whole dissemination process. It will lead the whole workflow of the dissemination actions, delivering guidance to partners for the implementation of all informative activities and related action plan. The team will also be in charge of creating and managing the project social media accounts such as FB group, YouTube Channel and will also feed the flow of information in, having the responsibility of producing regular posts and enhancing the views within those channels. WUS will be implementing the local activities in Austria, relate with its large portfolio of local stakeholders and implement all the rest of the project actions equally as required in the work plan. The Austrian team will equally participate in the rest of the outputs production according to the already elaborated preliminary plan and responsibility division in this direction.