Association sport for all Vojvodina presents voluntary, non-governmental, non-political and nonprofitable organization founded in 1952 which in accordance with the law and the Statute acts on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (AP Vojvodina), Northern province of the Republic of Serbia with a population of about 2 million in 45 cities and municipalities. Association sport for all Vojvodina as a major organization of sports for all in Vojvodina coordinate and realizes programme activities with over 60 of its members in almost all units of local self-governance. Based on European idea about the sports for all and by its actions, sport for all contributes to the promotion of physical activities, popularization of the movement sport for all – sport for anybody regardless of age, sex, functional predispositions, race, religion. Through the Association sport for all Serbia, Association sport for all Vojvodina as a member keeps direct contact with international organizations – Worldwide Organization Sport for all „TAFISA“, International Sports and Cultural Association „ISCA“, European Federation of company sports „EFCS“, International Federation of sports for all „FIST“, Balkan Association of sports for all „BSFAA“ and Balkans Association of workers’ sports „BAWS“. Through wide network of its members, the Association realizes educational, developmental and competitive programs and international programs in sports recreation. All programme activities are conducted by licensed sports professionals in the field of sports for all, and the Association disposes of fully developed information system – advanced databases and applications for keeping electronic records of all sports programs and activities. Association sport for all Vojvodina is provided with the financial means for realization of the abovementioned programme activities from the budget of the Government of AP Vojvodina, cities and municipalities’ budgets, EU grants, sponsors and donators.



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