Volunteer Center of Kielce, PL will be responsible for the internal communication within the partnership consortium. Polish leading team, in cooperation with the rest of the partners will be also responsible for the design of the detailed action plan and work program, to be implemented within the whole project duration and respected by each partner. Representatives of the applicant team, and mainly Mr. Michal Braun will be responsible for quality control and supervision of all output’s elaboration. Of course, Polish team members will fully participate in the output elaboration according to the detailed task division within the different workflows. They will be as well in charge of the financial project management, including reporting and will execute the task together with the support of all partner team members. Regional Volunteer Center will be in charge of the elaboration of Training guide/ TOOKUT for supporting the work of volunteer managers in sports. Also, Polish Team is responsible for the organization of final closing dissemination project conference. In these regards, Mr. Braun dispose of various contacts with Polish public bodies and institutions and he will do his best to reach their attention towards the project and promote its values further on.