World University Service (WUS) Austria is a politically independent, non-governmental organization committed to the promotion of the human right to education based on academic freedom and university autonomy. Since its establishment in Graz in 1983, WUS Austria has been working on the promotion of this aim in various countries all over the world. Today the organization has a regional focus on the countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe and employs a branch office in Prishtina, Kosovo.

During its 40 years of existence WUS Austria has positioned itself as one of the most important operative partners for enhancing knowledge transfer and comparability in Higher Education between EU and non-EU countries. WUS Austria provides operative and technical support and consultancy for a faster, more efficient implementation of the Bologna system and global trends in the Higher Education (HE) sector.

WUS Austria develops solutions for contemporary challenges of the 21st century through the promotion of an inclusive and equitable access to quality education for all. We believe that the right to education includes not only the right to access and complete education but also the right to quality education. We aim at increasing the quality of HE in accordance with European and international standards to establish solid and sustainable structures for a strong role of universities in society. Against this background, WUS Austria has implemented change management in accordance with the Bologna principles and UNESCO standards since 2001.



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